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Get confidential business advice.

Business Owners who are committed to growth, development and prosperity work with Catalyst.
We support business people in the fulfillment of the visions, intentions and commitments for their firms.

Your life can be easier, as a Business Owner.

Clarify what it takes to run your business well.  Have the path light up.  Have uncertainty disappear.
Address problems and obstacles:  Clear them out of the way.
You can be more powerful, more in control, more effective.
You can have greater confidence and competence
in the key areas of business, including:

Sales      Marketing      Productivity      Finance      Leadership
Management     Profit     Result Producing

The fundamental focus is always on results:
Results that show up on the bottom line.

How our Clients work with us…

entrepreneurial leadership and management training

Private Consulting

Confidential and One-to-One
Develop Leadership and Management Effectiveness
Practical, Potent Advice for Business Owners and Executives

Keep the plates spinning, fulfill promises, meet deadlines, hit the numbers, hire, train, repeat.  It’s a lot to hold.  Clients receive support with the totality of the business.  Catalyst provides a sounding board, we’re a savvy collaborator, a secret-weapon:  our focus is on the success, profit and viability of your company.  Short term and long term.

whole company development

Align the Whole Team

When a company works well, it’s easy to see.
When it doesn’t, it’s glaringly obvious.
What’s happening in Your company?

There’s something unusual that you notice when a company works well, something you experience.  And the experience is good.  There’s a special vibe.  It starts with basic expectations being met.  In today’s world, that alone, can set a company apart.  When expectations are exceeded, Customers may stay forever.

Work One-to-One
Align the Team

Business Consulting and Business Coaching Clients:

They’re Rebels. Renegades.
People who run circles around others.
Creators. Dreamers. Thinkers. Strategizers.
You can join them!

They’re amazingly generous and considerate.
Responsible. Courageous. Some consider themselves boring. Optimists. Go-getters.
Awake. Energetic. Lively. S.O.B’s. (and the B’s themselves.) Gentle. Vulnerable. Articulate.
Unreasonable. Demanding. Compassionate. Empathetic. Bold. Cautious. Practical. Outrageous.
Shy. Analytical. Boot-strappers. Wealthy. Resourceful. Resilient.

We’ve worked with companies in the categories below, and more:

  • Architect

  • Attorney

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping / CPA

  • Branding / Digital / Website Agency

  • Brokers and Distributors

  • Computer Consulting

  • Contractors: Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Remodeling, T.I.; Residential, Commercial, Industrial

  • Doctor:  MD, ND, D.C, LAc

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Equipment Sales

  • Event Planning

  • Financial Advisor

  • Floor Coverings / Tile / Window Covering

  • Interior Designer

  • Home Theatre / Audio Visual

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Insurance Agency

  • Jeweler

  • Charitable / Non-Profit Organization

  • Landscape Design

  • Manufacturing–Consumer, Commercial, Industrial

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Realtor

  • Photography

  • Polymer Manufacturer

  • Printing

  • Restaurant

  • Veterinarian

If you are a dedicated business professional
who is ready and eager to
develop the entrepreneurial skills and abilities
to go beyond the ordinary and take your company into the future,
we invite and encourage you to contact us.
Join the Rebels, Renegades, Creators,
Dreamers, Thinkers and Strategizers…let’s talk!

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