“My company is in growth mode. I was looking for a partner to help me focus on a successful transition from a small business to a medium sized business.  The conversations with Caryn get me out of my head and into action.  We have a weekly appointment to shine a light on different aspects of the business – to strengthen it and/or expand it.
Your company will benefit and you will grow if you take the coaching. Be ready to have direct conversations and leave your pride outside. I was intimidated by Caryn’s directness at first – she knows what she’s talking about and does not fall for any b.s. Can you handle it? She’s brilliant.”

K.J., President, Research Company

“If you want someone to give you straight feedback, find the leverage points, point out what’s possible and guide you down the path to success, you need to work with Caryn. If you’re ready for a brutally frank conversation about what works, as well as a support and sounding board, talk to Caryn. If you want to get a different result than you’ve been getting so far, talk to Caryn.”

J.L. Morrow, President, Creative Company, Inc.

There is no such thing as a perfect leader either in the past or present, in China or elsewhere. If there is one, he is only pretending, like a pig inserting scallions into its nose in an effort to look like an elephant.

Shao-Chi Liu

Private Consulting

The effective and skillful practice of business leadership and management is one of life-long learning, practice and demonstration.  What it takes to be responsible for the success and profitability of a company is not something just anyone can win at, nor should it be taken on lightly.  There’s always more to go, more to learn. There’s a LOT to hold, and be responsible for–all at once.  Those who have committed themselves to building their entrepreneurial business skills have chosen a different journey through life.

It takes real courage to lead and manage a company.

Each day, a Business Owner chooses to venture forth and confront the risks associated with producing results—for themselves, and with and through other people.  A Business Owner chooses to lead a different kind of life–it’s not ordinary, it’s not easy, sometimes it’s not fun.

Catalyst offers one-on-one consulting and training for Business Owners, designed to build self confidence, self assurance, and clarity regarding their intended outcomes.  Our clients are candidly supported in the audacious, purposeful and unabashed commitment to their intended results…in a safe, confidential environment.