“If you really want to transform yourself and your business work with Caryn. If you like to bullshit and dance around the truth/reality then be prepared to get over that or stop being coached.”

P.E.   Digital Industry Expert
“These aren’t just tools for me to use in my job–these are power tools for life!”

L.C, Production Manager, McTavish Shortbread Company
“The business I worked for previously, paid for my participation in the program.  How much I valued the program is apparent in the fact that I shelled out the money to attend when I started my own company.  Having previously worked with Caryn, I knew the coaching would be beneficial to my success.”

C.H.   Small Business Owner
“Caryn and Catalyst were recommended to me by my CPA multiple times and once I had an occasion to work with her I knew she was the one to help me with my business.”

Judith Huck,  President,  Classique Floors
“Be prepared to look at what is not working in your business and why it is not working. Be aware that change is uncomfortable, but necessary if you want things to be different.”

Gerri Weiner,  Owner,  Gee Wiz Bookkeeping

Catalyst is a business consulting firm.  I’m Caryn Condon, the President.  The buck stops with me.

My company offers one-on-one executive consulting, specialty workshops and in-house trainings.  I’m usually in the foreground, and, when needed, I have extraordinary colleagues and resources to call upon, that expand my company’s capacity to serve clients.

Catalyst’s Clients are people who build and run businesses in a unique way.

They don’t fit a particular shape or mold.  There is no ideal model into which each company or individual fits.  In fact, many of our Clients take pride in not fitting in.  They’re often rebels.  They’re resilient, capable, brilliant.  They’ve chosen a path offset from the ordinary.  They’re trailblazers and explorers.

Our Clients don’t share a common industry or size of business.

They DO share something far more potent:  They have a way of being and a way of working that has results be more important than what might thwart them, or take them out of the game.  They’ve discerned that allowing contribution from the outside is far from a sign of weakness–rather, it’s a secret weapon, a competitive advantage, something that gives them an edge in business.

Our Clients are people who have embraced their enormous capacity to learn, to grow, and to increase their effectiveness and results.  They’ve committed themselves—put their asses on the line, so to speak—to results that are beyond the status quo, beyond what’s ordinary.  They have little reverence for sacred cows.

They’ve chosen the risks and they receive the rewards.

Being in business takes Courage.

Working with Catalyst makes a business owner’s life easier.  The game gets clearer.  The path lights up.  Uncertainty disappears.  Obstacles that have thwarted results in the past get addressed and cleared out of the way.  New opportunities show themselves.  Clients develop and experience greater competence, confidence and effectiveness in the key domains of business, including:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Productivity
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Profit
  • Results

The fundamental focus is always on results — Results which fulfill business intentions, desires and commitments.

I’d love to talk with you.

If what I’ve said above sounds like you, sounds interesting to you, schedule a complimentary conversation to explore whether we’re a match for what you’re up to.  My commitment is that the conversation will be valuable for you–whether you choose to work with my company…..or not.  Really.

I encourage you to call me!  Thank you.
Caryn Condon