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Many of us are trained to BE NICE. It starts in early childhood and gets reinforced repeatedly, as we grow up. There IS a lot to be said for the value of this two-word training. The two words are a catch-all for: Behave appropriately Be polite Remember your manners Don’t be a brat Stop screaming [...]

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Negotiating in Business

Sometimes Clients ask for support with negotiations in their businesses. Often, its a negotiation to address or settle some kind of problem or issue with a Client or vendor. People often worry when entering a negotiation—it seems like they’re having to go into battle. “Someone’s gonna win and someone’s gonna lose...I don’t wanna be the [...]

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Keeping Score in Business

Some people don’t like being measured.   Being measured can be a reminder of school, grades, evaluations of performance. Test-taking. “I don’t want be measured—I’m afraid that I’ll find out that I’m wrong.” (or, “I’m not good enough,” or, “I’m not doing it right.”) “Not measuring” protects people from failing. When you’re not measuring, there’s [...]

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Roadmap for a Bumpy Road

It takes something to replace what you’ve known, believed, and practiced all your life, with something NEW. It can be counter-intuitive and uncomfortable.  It's easier to turn around and do what you've always done. Given the discomfort, most people don’t practice something new, unless they HAVE TO — it’s more comfortable to stay the same. [...]

Business Problems

If you're a business owner, you have problems. Being in business means you're on the hook for something.  You have promises to keep. (To your customers, your stockholders, your employees, your vendors, your banker.) PROBLEMS come right along with making valuable PROMISES. Promises considered most valuable are promises which produce some result, some outcome, something [...]

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Avoiding Business Dragons

“We’ve done better by avoiding dragons than by slaying them.”     --Warren Buffett, CEO Berkshire Hathaway (Mr. Buffett wrote the above in 1989.  I just read it recently.  I value writing that makes me think!  This quote is great fodder for thinking.)        What do dragons look like?  What do they sound like?  [...]

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Small Business Policies and Procedures

Many companies I consult with are small businesses.  One Client is the president of a small firm that is growing rapidly, expanding from two people when we began our work, to likely six or more in the coming months.  The stage this business is in, is one that frequently makes or breaks the future of [...]

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