No one should choose to work with a business consultant or business coach casually.

It takes some real thought.  It takes some real looking.  It takes some real CHOOSING.

It’s unlikely that you’ve arrived at this page because you were suddenly inspired and randomly started Googling.
More likely, you’ve met me, or you heard me speak somewhere.  Maybe my company has been recommended by someone you know.

Here are a few suggestions on how to figure out whether we (or some other company, perhaps) are the right company to support you in your business, or not.

In general:
1.  Have a conversation.  An initial conversation should be free.  It doesn’t make sense to give a company or a person the opportunity to sell to you, and for you to pay to do so.  Does the person you’re speaking with demonstrate prowess and expertise with regard to what they’re offering?  Do you get a sense that the person is the kind of person that YOU will be able to work well with?  Are they speaking to you about what’s important to YOU and your company?

2.  Find out what the fees for the services are.  If the person isn’t being straightforward with you about their fees, RUN.

3. Determine what your criteria are, for determining whether you can trust this person / this company or not. What ARE your criteria? There are several ways to help figure out whether you can trust someone:  Call references, check social media, do a Google search, ask pointed and difficult questions while you’re speaking with the person, do a background check, read testimonials. You might want to check with your attorney, or your accountant.

You’re considering making an investment. Do your due diligence!

I look forward to speaking with you.

–Caryn Condon, President

Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc.
PO Box 19974
Portland, OR 97280

Ph:  503.245.9700