(Do you recommend Catalyst for other business owners?)
I do and I suggest they be aware of the same hesitations I had around “can I afford this…”
I tell them my story, and let them know it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I also tell them to start small — just start going yourself and not wait until you can afford your whole team.”
–T.H., Founder, Digital Agency
“There are many resources that are specific to my industry that provides coaching or structure. Caryn goes beyond this and provides breakthrough intrusion from a person or “being” perspective.”
–Chris Goetz, Managing Partner, CFG Wealth Mgmt.
“Involving my staff has been valuable not only for them, but for me to grow. Role plays and interactive problem-solving among business colleagues in Start Something and Accelerate is way better than just reading about problem resolution.  Caryn is abrupt to interrupt to bring the focus back on track to the business at hand, …which is a strength I haven’t had with others.”  (other consultants.)
Karen Kane, President,  Insurance Solutions NW, Inc.
“I have been pleasantly surprised on how long lasting Caryn’s impact has been. Just as she said – her words ring on in my head long after our work together has stopped. I am a better sales person, more logical, more passionate, and more strategic and intentional.”
–Betsy Reed, Dir. Bus. Dev., McClenahan Bruer

The principal role of business is to improve the human condition through the creation of wealth.  If we cannot make a good profit, it means we are committing some kind of crime against society.  We take society’s capital, we take their people, we take their materials; yet, without a good profit we are using precious resources that could better be used elsewhere.  If  many companies do not operate profitably, the country and society will eventually grow poor.  Conversely, customers are more than willing to pay a company a profit as long as the overall price/quality/service is a good value for them  The bigger the value, the more customers are willing to pay, and thus the higher the profit.  As such, the profitability of a product or service is one measure of how well it serves society.

Konosuke Matsushita, Founder of Panasonic, Inc., From “Matsushita Leadership,” Author:  John P. Kotter, 1997

Build wealth

When a company works well, it’s easy to see.

When you’re a CUSTOMER of a company that works well, there’s something unusual that you notice, something that you experience.  And the experience is good.  There’s a vibe present that’s special.  It starts with your basic expectations being met. In today’s world, that’s wonderful in and of itself.  When your expectations are exceeded, you’re a customer forever.

When you’re a vendor to a company that works well, likely they’re one of YOUR favorite customers. They’re the ones that are easy to work with. They do what they say they’re gonna do. They pay their bills promptly. You look forward to doing business with them.

When a company isn’t working well, it’s easy to see, too. The service is bad, the vibe is bad, the quality is bad, the attitude is bad. “Ordinary-ness” prevails. And no one’s doing anything about it.  We can only assume that no one knows how to make a difference–or they would.

The Environment of your company need not be random.

It is possible to breathe life into a company. It is possible to move beyond the issues, problems and challenges that people confront while working. It is possible to rally people in ways which allow for inspiration, commitment and contribution. It is possible to train people to be bigger and to create more than they’d previously imagined possible.

Let us know what you envision. Let us share what we can provide.