Imagine that you and I are going to a barbeque party at a friend’s house this afternoon.  You pick me up at my house and as we drive away I turn to you and say, “I hope they have potato chips at the party!”

You look away from the road for a moment, to look at me to see if my face will help you to understand what I meant by that.  “Uh…….Ok.  Yeah.  I like potato chips, too.”

Me:  “No really!  I hope they have some there.”

You:  “Well.  We’ll see!”

Shortly, we pull up to the curb in front of our friend’s house, get out of the car and ring the bell at the front door.

Me:  “I hope they have some!”

Door opens.  “Hello!”   Greetings all around.  As I shake hands and hug a few people, I’m looking around the entry way and living room for bowls.  I’m not seeing any.

Me to You:  “I’ll be back.  I’m going to look in the kitchen.”

I walk into the kitchen, eyeing the counters, the top of the fridge.  No chips.  Lots of other stuff, no chips.

I ask the hostess, “Are there any potato chips?”  “No, I didn’t get any, but I think Mark said they were bringing some.  He’s out back with a bunch of the other men, managing the barbeque.  Go ask  him.”


I proceed outside to the back, wading through smoke.  I see a veggie tray, but no potato chips.  I come back inside and say to you, with tears in my eyes, “I wanna go home.”

You:  “What’s wrong?”

Me:  “I was really hoping that they’d have potato chips here.  And they don’t.  I never seem to get potato chips. It’s always been that way.  I keep hoping that there will be some, and so often, there aren’t.  I never get them.”  I’m angry, disappointed, tearful and suppressing a sob.

Ridiculous story, right?  If I want chips, it would make sense to BRING the chips.

And yet…how often have you heard yourself or someone else say:

  • “I just don’t have passion for what I’m doing.”
  • “I want to find something I really love.”
  • “I’m just not inspired by……”

….or something to that effect?

We diminish and forget our own power.  It’s there, just underneath the surface, right within reach:  As soon as we’re willing to pick it up, to take it on, to embrace it.

  • If I’m committed to passion, I can bring it.
  • When I’m committed to love, I bring it.
  • I bring inspiration with me.

What it takes is a willingness to let go of being upset, and to practice something new; a willingness to stop waiting for things to happen to me or be provided for me; a willingness to give up wishing and hoping (with apologies to Burt Bacharach and Dusty Springfield) and take on commitment and creation in life.

You can bring the potato chips.