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Increase profit in your business.
Build your company.
It TAKES something to run a business.
Running a business isn’t easy.

Business Problems

If you're a business owner, you have problems. Being in business means you're on the hook for something.  You have promises to keep. (To your customers, your stockholders, your employees, your vendors, your banker.) PROBLEMS come right along with making valuable PROMISES. Promises considered most valuable are promises which produce some result, some outcome, something [...]

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Avoiding Business Dragons

“We’ve done better by avoiding dragons than by slaying them.”     --Warren Buffett, CEO Berkshire Hathaway (Mr. Buffett wrote the above in 1989.  I just read it recently.  I value writing that makes me think!  This quote is great fodder for thinking.)        What do dragons look like?  What do they sound like?  [...]

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Growth AND Profit

Mark Nyman, President of FOODGUYS. Number 81 on the Portland Business Journal's List of Fastest Growing Companies. (With Tim Haskins, Partner of COPIOUS, Number 32 on the List, PHOTOBOMBING!) CONGRATULATIONS to two of Catalyst's clients: FOODGUYS and COPIOUS. Both companies made the Portland Business Journal's list of 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies for [...]

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