What’s the question?

What are we asking?  (It’s not the same as “What’s the answer?”)

When you’re committed to something, (something that doesn’t just have an easy answer,) it’s useful to realize that it’s worth THINKING ABOUT what you’re thinking about. It’s worth it to create a space where you’re choosing where to think FROM, choosing what to think WITH.

A great place to start, therefore, is to ask,

What IS the question we’re asking?*

For those who are committed to providing valuable training for people, merely providing answers isn’t much of a contribution, unless the question is “Where’s the break room?” and the answer is “Down the hall on the left.”

When providing valuable training, supporting people in pausing to clarify what the QUESTION is, opens up a world of possibility, creativity, the realm of embracing their own curiosity.  It increases the likelihood of people WANTING to learn, to grow, to discover.

(People often learn that the question they thought they were asking isn’t even the question they’re really asking.  That in itself is valuable.)

Perhaps there are better questions to explore.

*It’s also useful to discern that there are often a FEW questions to address, (maybe even several,)  and it’s valuable to untangle them.