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Many of us are trained to BE NICE. It starts in early childhood and gets reinforced repeatedly, as we grow up. There IS a lot to be said for the value of this two-word training. The two words are a catch-all for: Behave appropriately Be polite Remember your manners Don’t be a brat Stop screaming [...]

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Negotiating in Business

Sometimes Clients ask for support with negotiations in their businesses. Often, its a negotiation to address or settle some kind of problem or issue with a Client or vendor. People often worry when entering a negotiation—it seems like they’re having to go into battle. “Someone’s gonna win and someone’s gonna lose...I don’t wanna be the [...]

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Understanding Financial Statements

If you don’t understand your company’s financial statements, you’re at a disadvantage as a business owner. For example: When you talk with your bookkeeper or CPA about financial reports and numbers in your business, do you know what she’s saying? Do your eyes glaze over? Are you using your financial statements as a useful tool [...]