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Keep track.
Know where you are and where you’re going.
Goal setting in business.
Be willing to lose, so you can win!
Profit in business is not random.
Playing to win.

Understanding Financial Statements

If you don’t understand your company’s financial statements, you’re at a disadvantage as a business owner. For example: When you talk with your bookkeeper or CPA about financial reports and numbers in your business, do you know what she’s saying? Do your eyes glaze over? Are you using your financial statements as a useful tool [...]

Measure it, if it’s important

This is a long post, ...and may only be interesting to people who see the power  in rigorous thinking.  If  you're someone who likes to operate in "Just give me the answer!" you might want to skip this one! I’ve learned about business from many amazing teachers:  One of the best is my Dad, Bill [...]

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