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Growth AND Profit

Mark Nyman, President of FOODGUYS. Number 81 on the Portland Business Journal's List of Fastest Growing Companies. (With Tim Haskins, Partner of COPIOUS, Number 32 on the List, PHOTOBOMBING!) CONGRATULATIONS to two of Catalyst's clients: FOODGUYS and COPIOUS. Both companies made the Portland Business Journal's list of 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies for [...]

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BRING the potato chips

Imagine that you and I are going to a barbeque party at a friend’s house this afternoon.  You pick me up at my house and as we drive away I turn to you and say, “I hope they have potato chips at the party!” You look away from the road for a moment, to look [...]

Measure it, if it’s important

This is a long post, ...and may only be interesting to people who see the power  in rigorous thinking.  If  you're someone who likes to operate in "Just give me the answer!" you might want to skip this one! I’ve learned about business from many amazing teachers:  One of the best is my Dad, Bill [...]

Where are you going?

I was driving home from a meeting last night at about 6:30pm. The gauge showing the outside temperature kept varying between 31 and 33 degrees. (I'm hyper-sensitive when there's a threat of ice--when things freeze, the hill I live on turns into a luge-run.) The weather report, earlier, had said that the temp was going [...]

The World Didn’t End…Now What?

New beginnings, that's what. My cousin emailed me last night--we'd been volleying back and forth about holiday plans yesterday and the most recent email I received from her said "WE AREN'T GOING TO BE HERE ANYWAY.  THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END TOMORROW.  SO, SEE YOU IN HEAVEN!  LOVE YOU! COLLEEN    LOL"  (Capitals [...]

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